Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back From A Loooooong Break!

So why have I not made a blog entry in a year and a half?  Well it’s been a pretty hectic 18 months or so for me and I’ve had quite a few life changes including address, relationship status and…well you get the idea.  I’ll spare you the details of my personal tragedies and keep this focused on Spacemodeling which is why you’re reading this in the first place (at least I hope it is).

So, while I haven’t exactly been idle from model building during this long hiatus, with only 2 models completed, 2012 wasn’t nearly as productive in terms of finished models as 2010 and 2011 were.  And with less and less time to build, I just started to fall behind when it came to uploading the images and doing the write-ups and so the blogging just kind of got moved to the “back burner”.  Now that we’re back on the “front burner” and I’m starting to get more time to build again, we have some catching up to do.

Here are the models I’ve completed since the Citation Patriot (which was the subject of the last post):

1.    Estes "Avenger" clone (completed Jul 2011)
2.    Estes "Satellite Interceptor" (completed Aug 2011)
3.    Estes Mosquito (completed Aug 2011)
4.    Performance Rocketry "Nike Smoke" - 4” all fiberglass kit (completed Aug 2011)
5.    Scratch Built "Viper Sounding Rocket" (completed Sep 2011)
6.    Estes "Constellation" clone (completed Sep 2011)
7.    Estes "Maxi Alpha" clone (completed Oct 2011)
8.    Estes "Antares" clone (completed Oct 2012)
9.    Estes "Little John" clone (completed Oct 2012)
10.  Wildman Rocketry "Wildman Jr" - 2.1” all fiberglass kit (currently under construction)

The next several blog posts will be dedicated to playing “catch up” and will document the construction of these completed models.  Let's start off with the 2-stage Estes Avenger...

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